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Rampart™ One

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The Rampart™ One Interbody Fusion System is designed to minimize exposure and retraction and potentially enhance bone growth without hampering post-operative visualization. 

To facilitate minimizing exposure and retraction requirements, special instrument designs that enable access colinear with the disc, medialized divergent screw trajectories, and a unique oblique implant option were all developed for the system.  Additionally, to enhance healing and visualization the Rampart One implants are constructed of PEEK-OPTIMA® HA Enhanced polymer from Invibio®.   This new material has the potential to enhance bone growth and bony device apposition without sacrificing the radiolucency surgeons have come to depend on for post-operative follow-up imaging. 

Minimal Exposure

Medialized screw starting locations, divergent trajectories, and unique variable angle instruments facilitate colinear access to the spine and minimizes exposure requirements.

Minimal Retraction

Medialized screw starting locations, divergent trajectories, and unique variable angle instruments minimize vascular retraction requirements.  Additionally, Rampart One includes a unique oblique footprint to facilitate Implant placement in even the most challenging clinical scenarios when vessel retraction is severely limited.

Maximum Safety

Integrated Guide system allows safe delivery of the Implant into the disc space, screw hole preparation and Fixation Screw delivery all while preventing vessel encroachment to maximize safety.

HA Infused

Rampart One is constructed of Invibio® PEEK-OPTIMA® HA Enhanced.  This next generation material integrates hydroxyapatite throughout the PEEK rather than being applied just as a coating, making it durable and available to the body on all surfaces to potentially enhance bony growth and apposition.  In addition, Rampart One has a large graft window to maximize graft contact area and endplate-to-endplate healing potential and device through-growth. 


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