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Incite™ Cortical Fibers


Incite™ Cortical Fibers are a unique and versatile bone grafting option. A proprietary processing method provides thin bone fibers which expose significant osteoconductive surface area and osteoinductve endogenous growth factors. The ultrafine, entangled fibers are highly malleable to provide exceptional handling properties and support a variety of delivery options for maximum operative flexibility.

  • Thin fibers provide significant surface area of exposed growth factors to stimulate bone growth
  • Fibers expand up to 25% when hydrated to fill unwanted voids between graft and host bone
  • Entangled fiber architecture and increased surface area provides excellent scaffold for cellular attachment and proliferation
  • Rapid hydration properties allow for use with BMA, platelet rich plasma, blood, saline or antibiotic to improve intra-operative flexibility
  • Fibers can be packed into place, delivered through a bone funnel, or injected through a syringe to accommodate a variety of complex grafting applications
  • Carrier-free design allows excessive fluid to be removed without compromising handling characteristics
  • Moldable, doughy consistency (once hydrated) conforms to patient’s anatomy to provide intimate apposition to irregular bone voids, to promote graft incorporation


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