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OptiMesh® Multiplanar Expandable Interbody Fusion System

OptiMesh in disc space

The OptiMesh implant expands in three dimensions when filled to create an anatomy-conforming interbody fusion implant. By containing and hyper-compacting bone graft, OptiMesh uses granular mechanics to transform the graft into a pack that can bear load with posterior supplemental fixation. This large graft pack with posterior supplemental fixation is capable of restoring anatomy, providing indirect decompression, resisting subsidence, and supporting fusion.

OptiMesh granular mechanics illustration


The OptiMesh pores facilitate graft containment while allowing for bony through-growth.1,2,3 The specially-formulated MTF granular bone graft creates interconnected, interstitial spaces throughout the graft pack, providing an osteoconductive scaffold to support fusion.

Macroscopic view of OptiMesh pores, which allow bony through-growth

Large, Endplate-Conforming Footprint

OptiMesh contours to the anatomy as it fills to create a large, endplate-conforming footprint. This shares load across the entire implant interface, rather than point-loading and stress-shielding as with a monolithic implant, which may be beneficial in patients with poor bone quality.

OptiMesh conforms to vertebral endplates and maximizes endplate to endplate contact.

Anatomy Restoration

During OptiMesh filling, the increasing volume of bone graft generates distractive forces capable of restoring disc height and providing indirect decompression.

The OptiMesh® implant is employed in the OptiLIF® procedure. 

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