Duo™ Ti Multiplanar Expandable Interbody Fusion System.

The Duo Ti implant combines Spineology’s proprietary Mesh technology with porous Ti to deliver a large, endplate-conforming interbody cage through a lateral approach that minimizes the amount and duration of retraction to the lumbar nerve plexus and surrounding soft tissues.

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Upon insertion, the Ti blocks generate distractive forces capable of restoring disc height, spinal alignment, and providing indirect decompression. The Mesh component is then filled with bone in situ to create a large, endplate-conforming, load-sharing graft pack to reduce the risk of subsidence and maintain correction. The combination of Mesh and porous Ti supports early bony ingrowth and fusion over the entire surface area of the implant.


The Mesh component of the Duo Ti implant expands in 3D when filled with granular bone graft in situ. By containing and hyper-compacting the granular bone, the Mesh component uses granular mechanics to transform into a large, endplate conforming, load-sharing graft pack to reduce the risk of subsidence and help maintain correction. 

  • 70 % more load-sharing surface area compared to a traditional 22 mm-wide lateral cage.

Retraction With The Duo Ti Portal Tube Ends Where Traditional Retractors Begins

The Duo™ Ti implant enters the disc space through a small, intuitive portal tube, enabling surgeons to minimize retraction requirements, avoid and protect neural structures, and enhance surgical efficiency.

  • Retraction requirements reduced by up to 60% compared to traditional bladed systems
  • Portal Tube is positioned farther from the posterior neural elements
  • Neural elements and psoas muscle remain protected throughout the procedure