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Spineology® Initiates Full Market Release of Elite™ Expandable Interbody Fusion System

Spineology, Inc. an innovator in Anatomy-Conserving Surgery™, is pleased to announce the full market release of the Elite Expandable Interbody Fusion System. Over 300 cases have been completed using Elite and system utilization continues to accelerate as the full market release of Elite is initiated.

“Following the successful completion of the Elite Expandable Interbody Fusion system limited release and the receipt earlier this year of the expanded FDA clearance, which included the addition of a narrower 10mm footprint and allograft bone labeling, we have now initiated the full market release of Elite”, said John Booth, CEO of Spineology. “The Implant’s robust design, broad size offering, and allograft bone labeling which allows the surgeon to pair Elite with Incite™ Cortical Fibers, have all been received extremely well by our customers. We are excited to continue to accelerate the growth of Elite in the expandable cage market.”

The Elite Expandable Interbody Fusion implant is inserted into the lumbar disc space at a contracted minimum height and, once in position, is expanded to restore anatomic disc height, provide anterior column support, and potentially indirectly decompress. Elite offers the surgeon the ability to control device expansion and lock the device at any positon in the expansion range.  The Elite implant is constructed of titanium alloy and has a large graft window to enable bone through-growth, maximizing fusion potential.

Incite Cortical Fibers are a unique and versatile bone grafting solution. The fibers offer an osteoconductive and inductive matrix, excellent handling properties, in-situ expansion, and placement options via a variety of delivery methods.